House Leveling


This is pretty much a process that we do in any type of foundation and retaining wall repair job that we get done. Obviously, the main idea behind this process is making sure that your home can be evened out when it is having trouble with soil erosion or other types of issues that are causing it to shift or tilt in a certain direction. The ultimate goal in these types of services is to make sure that the home is literally standing up straight when we get done. That is a bit easier said, than done though!

Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion is a naturally occurring process. Which means that home builders will have to account for it when they are building homes the first time around. This process can be altered by different factors. In these cases, what will usually happen is that the home above the soil will have a hard time with the quickly shifting surface that is underneath it. So, what are the factors that can speed up the soil erosion process, and what can we do to counteract them? Well, keep reading along and we will let you know in a bit!

Drainage Issues

The reason that we wanted to go over some of the causes that may lead you to hire our house leveling services before we actually started talking about our foundation repair services is that we believe it is super important to stop the bleeding. If you have an excessive amount of water running through your home into different areas, it is going to undoubtedly speed up the soil erosion process. This will, in turn, cause your home a lot of problems. The first thing that we need to do then is, spot the problem and get it fixed before we do anything else. Otherwise, what could happen is we would repair a foundation that will be broken up in a matter months again!

Foundation Repair

Now, that we have gotten through some of the main reasons why you would actually have a failing foundation we can actually get to fixing it! A lot of older homes that used a wooden beam and pier system for their foundation can really use some help in updating it to make sure that the home can stay upright. It is important to note though, that even concrete foundations can face a lot of trouble. Especially when dealing with elements like an excessive amount of water. We can help repair any type of foundation though!

Free Estimate

So, your home just seems to be slanting, or you are noticing some troubles with your floors. To be honest the best thing that you can do is give us a call before things go from bad to worse. We provide free estimates on all of our services. So, basically, there is no real reason as to why you should continue to wonder if you have a foundation problem or not! It does not cost you a thing to find out!
​Your home’s foundation is one of the most important aspects of your entire home. We are sure that you have heard this line. What you would expect now, is for us to continue to lure you into hiring our services … right? Well, we like to think that is only half true. At Round Rock Foundation we want to really give people all of the tools necessary to be able to make an educated decision about their home’s foundation and other repairs that they may require.