Retaining Wall Repair

As we mentioned in our home page getting to repair retaining walls is something that actually frustrates us a lot. We say that because the entire idea behind building these types of walls is that you know that you are going to have a soil erosion issue on your hands that you are going to have to deal with. Yet, when you build you do not account for it properly? Anyway, we have been able to help people in some of the most bizarre of circumstances repair their walls. You can bet then, that we will be able to handle pretty much anything that you can throw at us!

What Went Wrong

The first thing that we have to do is find out exactly what went wrong. That way, we can obviously correct it, and make sure that we don’t make the same mistake moving forward. We know that we just got done bashing retaining wall builders and we are just talking about how we have to clean up their mess sometimes. So, we have to kind of amend that here. At times some of the problems with these walls come from a drainage issue that developed after the wall was built. So, not all of the blame can be put on the builder in these cases!

Making Sure It Drains Properly

One of the main reasons that walls fail is that they do not allow the water that flows through them to drain properly. Naturally, one of the first things that we have to do then, is to make sure that we can build a large enough drain in the perfect spot so that we can guide most of the water that your lawn may be exposed to through what we would call a safe passage. Obviously, heavy rain can be a major factor, but even a bad sprinkler system can give you something to think about!

Knowing Where To Set Up Shop

Most of the times when retaining walls collapse the soil that they were well, trying to retain will have eroded and gained more ground on the property. Here is where we are going to need to make very smart decisions. Building another wall right in the same spot is probably not going to be the answer. We are probably going to have to set up another wall in a different location where we will feel comfortable that it will be able to stand up to the pressure that it is going to be put up against!

Monitoring Soil Erosion

We can pretty much tell, which retaining walls are going to fail a long time before their actual collapse. Giving us the chance to take a look at your property and monitor soil erosion a couple of times a year can really help you avoid a lot of the issues that could come your way otherwise. Don’t wait to give us a call when you think that you may be experiencing some problems.
​Your home’s foundation is one of the most important aspects of your entire home. We are sure that you have heard this line. What you would expect now, is for us to continue to lure you into hiring our services … right? Well, we like to think that is only half true. At Round Rock Foundation we want to really give people all of the tools necessary to be able to make an educated decision about their home’s foundation and other repairs that they may require.