​​Slab Repair


There are plenty of things that go into a proper concrete slab and pier beam repair job. We know that a lot of them are going to sound fairly obvious. Like saying that we have to asses the situation to know what we are dealing with before we do anything else. The thing is, kind of brushing over the “easy” steps is what can actually determine if the job is going to fail or not. With that in mind, we intend to walk you through a bit of what we do to be able to properly fix broken or damaged concrete slabs.

Assessing The Situation Correctly

As we mentioned a lot of the times people are going to continue to have problems with their concrete surfaces because whoever is working on them does not give them a proper diagnosis of the situation. The easiest thing that we could do is come in and just seal all of the cracks and call it a day. At times though, that would not be the correct way to actually fix the problem. In our inspection services, what we want to do is find the source of the problem and then work on a possible solution that can guarantee a long term fix!

Digging In!

Most of the times when you see that there is one particular area of the concrete that continuously cracks, or gives you some sort of trouble the source of the problem is not going to be in the concrete itself, but in the ground below it. In these cases, what we will go ahead and do is break through the concrete and even out the terrain below before we place a new concrete slab. What we really need to make sure that we do is that we take out the entire concrete slab evenly. Time and time again we have seen services that decide to just cut open where they find the problem directly. Most of the times this can be a big mistake!

Joint Repair

If we are going to go through a major repair process we are also going to have to make sure that we strengthen the “new” joints so that the new slab that we put in won’t have trouble fitting into its new resting place. Obviously this also a service that we can provide to existing concrete surfaces that are having any form of joint trouble. Without needing to remove the concrete slab completely.

Knowing When To Seal Cracks

There are certain cracks and joint issues that are not going to be too severe. Of course, we are hopefully going to be able to spot that when we asses the situation. Just because we can repair or replace an entire concrete slab does not mean that we are going to push you into hiring a service like this. If we really feel that we could actually repair the damage just by sealing of some of the cracks that are present we will let you know. That way your concrete floors will be as good as new in no time!
​Your home’s foundation is one of the most important aspects of your entire home. We are sure that you have heard this line. What you would expect now, is for us to continue to lure you into hiring our services … right? Well, we like to think that is only half true. At Round Rock Foundation we want to really give people all of the tools necessary to be able to make an educated decision about their home’s foundation and other repairs that they may require.